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Sharjah Municipality is organizing a campaign on cycling to the general appearance

The Town Control Department of the City's Audit and Scrutiny Department has organized an organized campaign to prevent bicycles stopping around signs, road signs and major roads after midnight and necessary steps with the Environmental Company. Sharjah (Bee 'ah) for destruction as part of the Department's efforts in appearance in general.

Mohammed al-Kaabi, the city's head of cleanliness division in the city of Sharjah, confirmed that the campaign included a number of areas of emigration and resulted in over 275 cycles at a three-day campaign. show that these buses are poorly buried for the general design and prevent pedestrian traffic at times and sometimes drivers tReasoning on road signs that lead to visibility and evacuation t often, these images have the potential to awaken uncertainty for drivers.

Al-Kaabi has confirmed that these initiatives are aligned with the department's objectives to tackle all the issues in all its forms and take the necessary steps for those experiencing the same interests. it is done to preserve the scenic appearance of the Emirate and to refuse the pernicious behavior which might cause harm to the members of the society. Anyone who uses these practices, despite this recession, has been a result of the significant campaigns and efforts of the researchers, but the town continues to work to eliminate the final.

He said that Sharjah Corporation in all its different departments had been working to eliminate any serious conflicts that could shape the community landscape or cause damage to the community that constitutes an authentic community. T Conflict in the future is a safe and healthy Commonwealth which provides residents and visitor facilities and ensures a high level of hygiene to maintain the cultural revival t and townships that the Emirate saw.

The Corporation asked the community to work together to preserve the public conveniences, environment and urban appearance by connecting with cycling in visible places. T or in a way that prevents travelers' movement and jeopardizes their safety.


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