Sources: And Venezuela may have sold it for 8 tonnes of gold

Sources: And Venezuela may have sold it for 8 tonnes of gold


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Venezuelan government stores said that the government pulled at least 8 tonnes of gold from the mid week bank to the sale as a sale.

Reuters explained three governmental resources that asked them not to be announced as saying that gold donors were made when Governor was able to do so; Central Central Bank of Ortega overseas. Not the sources where the gold was moved.

On his part, the MP opposed the Parliament Angel Alvarado that the gold was taken between Wednesday and Friday last week, without guardians at the Central Bank building.

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Venezuelan President of Madonna Maduro holds a golden hold

"They intend to sell them illegally abroad," said Alvarado.

Venezuela sold 23 tons of gold in Turkey in 2018, according to Turkish official data. Noor Capital, a registered company registered in Abu Dhabi earlier this month, also stated that 3 tons of Venezuelan goldsets buy.

Last November, the United States placed sanctions on Venezuelan gold exports in the US press conference on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, which Washington wants to be stopped.

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