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Stalin opened a film about the life of a British journalist

Stalin opened a film about the life of a British journalistMap Unlock (Open)
Mr Jones

Not only did the beautiful news start with Donald Trump's US President, but it was reported in 1933 when Welsh journalist Gareth Jones showed that Stalin's famine was caused by the agricultural policies and as a result of the death of 10 million people. A complaint was made about Jones and allegations were made to close the truth.

Later on, this influenced the well-known writer George Orwell in his novel "The Animal Farm." Orwell's many famous words – "All the animals are similar, but some are even more equal" – sometimes again in the film.

It was a good example; in James Norton, one of the people involved in the McMafia series, of the character of journalist Garrett Jones, who was lucky enough to be a journalist. He was famous for being an airplane with Adolf Hitler and was able to do an interview only.

In the film, directed by Aneeska Holland from Poland, Jones is going to Moscow for an interview with Joseph Stalin as he did to Hitler, but in fact he is continues his divine prudent and goes into Ukraine, which is banned by journalists. Later on, Jones writes about what he has heard of the effects of his & her; famine and saying: "Everyone is scratching because there is no bread, and the death of their place!"

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Although the film is a Polish film, there are three famous Hollywood actors, James Norton and Vanessa Kirby as Ida Brooks and Peter Sarsgaard as Walter Durante, a New York Times editor at Moscow.

Anniechka Holland, the 141-minute film, was nominated for an Oscar for European Europe in 1990 and has recently received a great deal of contribution to the Wireless programs.

Throughout the film, Gareth Jones is the best in journalism, Walter is the worst of the worst – that's what Sarsgaard created his design to make his character more interesting than Jones himself.

It was said that Duranty Jones was a witness testimony, although the history of his / her. It was suggested that during the same famine the famine was known, but it was close to the Soviet system and others might be under pressure.

The film emphasizes the moral trust of those who are in power through London's gray and muddy landscape where there is a problem with pity and old men; management and climbing in the dark, as well as scarce Soviet buildings.

The lights only appear at a gala event in which Jones is a Feeling very sad when Patrick Sarsgaard is interoperable and maybe they are more confusing with the results of journalists as they are strive to reassure those who are paying them.

Gareth Jones looks so wild & What do you feel is not a person; there. The observer does not need many signs to find out what ideals of the papers should be today. Journalists in Berlin smile when Norton Jones told journalists that journalists should be really "not one side or the other."

But when protests protests about such a type of fat, one is the same; Think of the amount that would have been on Twitter and the dispute that would have been raised in the Jones report today.

The Netherlands reveals their incredible desire to & # 39; believed Stalin; Many thinkers wanted Stalin to be seen as antidotes for Hitler, so they were not willing to convince his policies on doing these horrors.

The film expresses "It's No Hope So" by George Orwell, based on the Jones account of the game. But hope is still as long as people in our world, such as Gareth Jones, divide the Bekaa to their bicycles, show the truth to the world.

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