The Arab rulers did not notice that Emir Qatar had moved away from the Arab idea

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The Qatar ambassador asks Russia to try to resolve the crisis between Qatar and the Arab countries t

The 30th Arab Gathering ended on a Sunday in Tunis, and several Arab governors were present at the conference, hosted by the president of Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, Egypt, and King Salman of Saudi Arabia.
Media sources reported that Emir of Qatar, Prince Tamim bin Hamed al-Thani
He presided over the opening session of the Arab Summit, as soon as the President of Tunisia Baji Caid Sibsi finished his speech.

The surprising thing is that Prince Tamim, the ruler of Qatar's state, left the hall suddenly and takes back the park to the airport.
When diplomatic sources said that Emir of Qatar left the Arab Secretary-General's visit to the airport, as was reported by Eulonews's reporter Kalthoum Ben Abdullah.

In his speech, Abbot-Geitt thanked Saudi Arabia and spoke to the armed militias who had caused devastation in Arab countries. The Iran and Turkey interventions in several Arab countries forced them into crisis and repelled them.

Diplomatic sources have discovered why emigration left Qatar State, Prince Tamim, as it is.

The sources showed that the emir of Qatar didn't receive much attention from most Arab landlords and leaders since he went to the main building in the Conference Palace in Tunisia, that he did not even produce seat reserved for the head of Qatari's leader.

"Prince Tam came into the hall and didn't wait for a few minutes and gave him a bottle of water."

It is notable that most Arab countries oppose aggressive attack policies in the region and his poor apprehension in the region by supporting and preserving elements of rebellious bodies on land. T on regional forces with many aspirations in the region which weaken regional sustainability and peace and international security.

Tunisia is holding its 30th session of the Arab Gathering, which puts the down Golan files, in support of the Palestinian Authority and strengthened economic and social co-operation in the Arab world.
In their speech, President of Tunisian Bahi al-Sibsi, the president of the 30th session of the Arab Gathering and President of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, confirmed their desire to establish a Palestina state to achieve security and stability. Results in the area.

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