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The "director" is retrospectively reversing and returning to Asian expectations

He had an eye over the circumstances and was in a state of having to give one of the most beautiful games in the season when he actually set two goals against Al-Dahil yesterday t Stadium for one third of the AFC III Champions League group, and hope to compete for one of my cards which would be suitable for the next stage of the competition. The team were successful in an underdraft by The goal is one of two losing goals in the first half with the high fighting spirit that struck the players especially the Jamal Maarouf attacker, who was one of the game's stars, visited and made a visit. Second, and the knees switched on. The punishment was destroyed by bravery by the Brazilian Cayo Lucas, and compared with the international carrier Khalid Issa very well and responded to many attempts and returns from the opponent to maintain the score to the end of June. have been submitted with the public logo through the social networking sites and requested to update as soon as possible. .


"After all games, I say the product is always a real sign of the game, and is proud of my personal achievements against the previous day yesterday, what am I doing? And that's thought to be fair, but it's pointed to the guide, "said Juan Carlos Garrido of Spain. Back row and gamekeeper« international »Khaled Issa kept well and succeeded in dealing with a number of offensive attempts and t in the second half we managed to return the game and we lost punishment and we were close to success and I think this leader is worthy coming out of the opposition's opposition team. good results.

“I spoke to the players in the dressing room over the rest of the game and they asked to see their best and battled to return to the game and I was confident about his abilities. Each team member is a wonderful team.

Strong personality

Commenting on a question about Khalid Issa, which was the main cause of his connection, he said: In football, the team always win the team as well as pull and loss, but Khaled Issa is a player t International has a strong international personality on the gray rectangle that the team have made during the day today.

When asked about the opportunities the team would have to get into the group he said: "All the team have the opportunity to take part in my group C certificate here, and we have to get the best results. T designed to ensure we are fit for the next level.

When asked if he thought that the opponent lost three points and that Al Ain won a point, he said: "I think we have made strong performance and we have a high spirit." On the eve of the challenge we had to come back in the three points because we had come to win and we are not worthy to lose. Al Jazeera's dream by showing a strong response after the big defeat our rights of way.


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