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The new crusader, Saad Samir

Saad Samir was injured knee during the game against Sun Downs in the African League Championship finals in the game lost by Ahli 5/0.

Malik Ahmed

09 April 2019

He recently amazed the club's first football team after defender Saad Eddin Samir was wounded with a plot at the final of the Sun Downs in the League's final stages. Africa's warriors.

Saad suffered from serious knee injuries during a quarter-hour Sun Downs game and Yasser Ibrahim, another replacement defender, capable of holding his meeting or standing on his feet, was passed. transport itself with paramedics and Ahli medical equipment.

The player was knocked down after his mission to Egypt, on the Sunday morning, which showed that the player was cut into the bone-bubble which makes him play for a long time. .

Abdel Hafiz, director of the ball said that Saad Eddin Samir has suffered the pain in the inner ligament and knee outside and cut into the cross back and will be suspended for a period of up to three months.

He added that the player was also introduced to Dr Ahmed Abdel Aziz, head of medical staff at the Al-Ahli club, who stressed the need for the player to be entitled to the cause without the need for a surgery. .

Sayed Abdel Hafeez noted that the club is investigating Saad Samir's travel to Germany over the coming period to make part of the rehabilitation program so that they can return to training as soon as possible. Until the playroom papers are ready.

Al Ahli technical staff, led by Uruguayan Martin Lasarte, are in considerable difficulty, especially since he was based on Saad Samir in particular in team building. For this reason, only three Yasser Ibrahim, Rami Rabia and Ayman Ashraf, a long-term wound in kneeling as a knee.

At the beginning of this year, Saad lost out to Al Ahly because he suffered a muscle back again, but returned later and became the team's main structure. T The confidence of my big girl. Returning with no more than a year due to injury.

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