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The new Jumbo app is a powerful and powerful iOS supporter

The latest Jumbo application is a powerful and powerful iOS support. This technical news is posted on the official wells: Techworld Friday, April 12, 2019 t
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The new Jumbo app is a powerful and powerful iOS supporter

Since it was introduced to users, social applications have privacy settings to help guide who can see jobs, but we are surprised that we have provided more than we expected to see. whether it is just a couple of years or a Facebook publication that we did not want to see, Jumbo Is a new application to help improve the privacy of iOS, and quickly on the operating system Another Android.

Many barriers are posed by social network platforms applying for the applications, but it can be of use to anyone wishing to retain the same amount of information remaining on their social records, through The tools available to clean personal data through multiple requests for communications and internet services, supported by Jumbo's Twitter, Facebook, Google search service and Amazon's Amazon database are currently available for Instagram and Thunder.

For example, the Twitter platform is designed to symbolize real-world communication, recording what is said to be never recorded, and then sending them out to calendars. Today, millions of people today want to free their freedom of social communication without creating a series of endless thoughts and feelings, which they will forever make.

The new Jumbo app is a powerful and powerful iOS supporter

That is why the request has been improved by easing the easiest way to tweet the time, by specifying a set time for tweeting, and about when it will take place. another sample will be taken to the other Facebook platform. 30 In Privacy Settings, this is why Facebook Smart is built in the Jumbo application, which will help you clean up your digital data.

The same applies to Google's and Picasa search services from Amazon, and with the Jumbo app, you can clear previous Google searches, and as it's unknown, that's not allowing Amazon to stop it All the sound recordings in Alexa, but with the app, you can delete all the tags in one click, without using the app, that hasn't installed any content or process on the server side, always locked on your iPhone.

The new Jumbo app is a powerful and powerful iOS supporter

The Jumbo app is currently available on the Store Store for free and comprehensive, and as we mentioned earlier we will be available to give you access to other Android system users. , and we recommend that your submission always comes to privacy devices.

The new Jumbo application is a powerful helper for privacy of iOS or images, but it is the responsibility of the original news publisher and the world of technology, and the first publisher will have copyright and property rights. If your news is about and you want to delete or delete it, check the first source of the news first, then release it from the news.

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