The Russians do not know Naguib Mahfouz

Part of a seminar

Part of the "Literature and Translation" conference at the Cairo International Book Fair

A number of translators from different parts of the Arab world confirmed that the translational arguments today are linked in some cases to political events and changes.

The conference was held under the heading "Literature and Translation", which included a group of Arabic translators from different languages ​​such as English, Russian, Spanish, French, Chinese and Serbian. The conference dealt with the most important translation and challenge issues, the poet and the translator Yasser Abdullatif.

"The situation in Russia and the Soviet Union is something different. There was a question of political translation and knowledge. It's an attempt to colonize. After the fall of the Soviet Union , they were not paying more attention to the Arab culture, "said Ashraf al-Sabbagh, a Russian novelist and interpreter. Regarding their interest in almost all of literature and culture, nobody knows Naguib Mahfouz in Russia, but a few of the Arabs.

"After a fall of the Soviet Union he began to take care of the West and translate the scriptwriters' work of the sixties and seventies, which was translating in secret before the -Now, and then they were marked because they were a good book, and think that the Syrians and Iraqis are more active in Russian translation simply, not through an intermediate language. "

With regard to a Chinese language, the interpreter, Dr. Mohsen al-Farjani, Chinese professor: "The Chinese emperor tried to identify a Arab division to find someone. China is seeing a very important area, especially by the generation of Islam's disobedience and thus caring for Islamic culture. China alone sent the west. "

"In the 20th century, communication has been restored. China is trying to face the age of being depicted after being remote. It began to investigate the – a situation in its ancient style. At one point, China translated Arabic Arabic through an intermediate language, a Japanese, but China has a promising translator for the world. Arabic and translation literature, susceptible to Chinese in Arabic translation, China supports Chinese language departments in a Arab department, which today offers a Chinese language pattern and not a classic one.

In terms of the translator and the poet Thaer Dib, he said: "The knowledge of other languages ​​has been a great deal of writing the first novel in the Arab world." The Arabic novel was born with a foreign offense and could not be a negative defense. The Russians and Latins also introduced the European novel.

"At this stage, we have two languages ​​that translate translation and influence, but the two main languages, English and French do not affect. There is a strong culture in a weak culture."

On a Spanish language, Iraq's poet and interpreter, Abdul Hadi Saadoun, said Arabic was a lack of interest in any of its reasons for entering the translation and from Arabic to Spanish.

He said that there were individual campaigns in his / her; Most of the translations are from Spanish literature, and most Westerners are personal beginners and are open to publishers, and others ; accepted. "Spanish publishers are commercial and reflect on the product produce. Indeed, I tried to publish a collection of Iraqi poetry in Spain in the nineteen years and I was going to see it. look at the Iraqi poetry inquiry question?

Interpreter Ali Jaafar al-Alaq said translation in every country of the world was the basis for cultural revival, but did not return to a similar result as happened to Arab countries, there are cultural centers that make individual efforts.

Although Abdel Salam Abdel Aali criticized the generalization of the translation, he said: "Some think that the translation is just to make a poorer version of the first thing, and then there is a translation of an intermediate intermediate language. "

"Heidegger is the first translation of some of his smaller texts for French. These texts will see the light in a new language and have a new life. The French development of Heidegger has commented in another language. " "Usually, translation from an intermediate language is viewed as a copy of the first thing and we think the fingers are better than their branches, which is very good weird. "

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