The Urban Development Forum discusses Arab urban development

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The Arab Urban Development Forum, run by the Town and City Planning Department in Abu Dhabi, in partnership with UN-HABITAT, has put forward a forward agenda for the future of townships. T Parliament – News – Hispanic delegation may be represented at the World Urban Forum. Maintained in 2020 in Abu Dhabi.

The debates focused on the challenges facing Arab urban development and their development and approach as a priority of future plans.

The forum was focused on the need to promote and make safe the quality of life of Arab cities. It has the capacity to deal with the changes and to use innovative design in line with the highest technical standards, while retaining the Arab cultural identity and emphasis on data collection. and demanding information and specific priorities for managing urban development in line with strategy and approach. Hidden.

“First, when discussing sustainability, we look at previous experiences to ensure that new problems do not affect the future, and we have to change our thinking and sustainability t was included as one of the two, "said Salma Khalifa Al Darmaki, Assistant Secretary for Knowledge and Culture Policy at the Ministry of Education and Culture. Our planning criteria".

He said. Laila Iskandar, leader of the organization for community development and establishment of Egypt: "In the past, we have not allowed more informal villages to go in. Today, we live in a time when we live. the city's concept will change from a city environment to an environment that commits us to providing services and facilities to protect the population's circumstances and to improve the work and development of SMEs.

“Before we thought about innovation and innovation, we tried to preserve Chefchaouen's local cultural sector by encouraging residents to take part in the color of their home views in blue. T , which is an important element of the city's identity and indirectly, "said Mohammed El-Sofiani, Mayor of Chefchaouen, Kingdom of Morocco. In raising his economy from attracting many tourists. "

As part of the event, the key element of the event was the “Idea Lab”, where the majority of the panel discussions were held for decision makers, government officials and experts in the field. urban development in the Arab world, Saudi Arabia, the Lebanese Republic, the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Morocco Kingdom, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. Who gave the sessions a wealth of experience in debating and exploring ways of taking advantage of innovation and culture to create a urban environment that enables multicultural communities more than ever. welcome diversity and data sharing with the sector. With private and community levels to allow Governments to develop solutions to long term challenges.

“Data helps us to understand the whole picture and allows us to estimate the cost of things socially, environmentally, culturally and economically. It will also enable us to predict the future, but to put it into practice we must first establish a database, ”said Robert Gersta, co-founder and chair of Technologies. HyperLab Transport. Between the public and private sectors. "

The partners in the Idea Lab worked together to identify and prioritize the key priorities for the four themes of sustainable urban, "economic, environmental and cultural development". The laboratory debates continued to create a comprehensive idea that new towns are not just villages.

"Urban planning doesn't have easy solutions, but methods and methods are more effective than others," said Moritzio Travalini, Arcatex de Group Genius founder. "One of those ways is to focus people and benefit from citizen experiences."

The partners were then split into working groups to meet the needs of different towns such as families, in-migrants, information workers, older people, young people, business people, companies and others.

A full list of priorities will be posted on the Forum's website, along with an invitation to all major cities, partners and partners at UN-HABITAT, including the Town and Design Planning Department. Towns as part of the Global City Forum 2020.

HE Falah Mohammed Al Ahbabi, Head of Town and Town Planning, said: "This was a truly special event. For the first time, experts from around the Arab world are working together to deliver the first day of the The Parliament is committed to seeking solutions to some of the long-term challenges for Arab Arab towns. ”“ We believe that collaboration and innovation will be central to some of the most challenging challenges and opportunities.

For her own, Zina Ali Ahmed, Divisional Office Director of the United States Arab division of UN-HABITAT, said that the presence of more than half of the Arab population in urban settlements presents great challenges to the cities, but as a great opportunities. Prioritize the Arab sector in this area and ensure it is staged on the international stage in the 10th World Urban Forum, hosted by Abu Dhabi in 2020. t The first Arab Forum for Urban Development is a key component in the preparation of an Integrated Register as a stage of preparation for the World Heritage Forum. Divisional leader able to wield division of the Urban Design and city and in partnership with the United Nations Regional Office of the United Arab Emirates which has many of the activities developed in the Arab before, and during, a region. is followed by World Cup Forum X.

“We look forward to the development of a shared vision and promote partnerships and collaborative actions to achieve urban sustainable development for the better Arab age in this area. "The UK Habitats Program will deliver the 10th World Urban Forum in partnership with the Urban Planning and Urban Relations Division of Abu Dhabi, along with other partners General Abu Dhabi Council, Abu Dhabi Police, Abu Authority. T Dhabi for Culture and Tourism and the National Center for Abu Dhabi Exhibition.

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