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The world is waiting for the image of the black hole

Prepared by: Mohamed Hani Atwi

Today, the important history, in which the whole world revolves, is the first real sketch of a giant black hole at the heart of the M87 star, a starring star, one of the stars. beauty in the north of the sky, And he has the black hole in one place, after the hole that is hidden in the middle of the Milky aisle, called the Screen, which is located in an arcade rocket or arc, with a mass of 4 million solar meters.

The stars M87, 53 million years ago, include a more expensive cosmic star zone than the zone of scree; a mass of 6.5 billion tonnes of sunshine, 1,000 times greater than the Rami A., is thought to be 1,000 times as much power, but the length of it can be more difficult t to see the horizon of his event, so the center of our constellation is the best place to watch.

This survey initiative began in April 2017, with a full week with no pressure on water, the mist is the enemy of the telescopes, it includes the millimeters of wave, ie the wavelength, t used by the eight radio telescopes; Horizon Event (EHT) to monitor this hole.

What is new, and perhaps interesting, if you have a telescope as the size of the land, nothing strikes the light between you and the black hole, you will be able to see, without any difficulty. .

Some of the waves of infections that are transmitted are relatively clear: so if you look at the electromagnetic spectrum from a low frequency (eg long waves), such as radio waves, you might be able to see the same something in the area around the black hole.

The telescopes are a virtual network distributed between Greenland, Antarctica, Chile, Mexico, the United States, Hawaii, France and Spain as a large-scale large-scale telescope.

This planning effort focuses on the first image of the huge black hole. This is the meaning behind this telescope, which is the meaning of the black hole, and the means by which the data must be connected from these telescopes to one image. one of the best ways that is currently available. The first black hole.

The event horizon is a word that is used when talking about a general relationship theory, such as a term (space): an area surrounded by a black hole, and no-one is allowed on the side. to keep an eye on what's happening there.

Although scientists became familiar with the black holes, having established many thousands of them, they have not taken exactly one picture for any of them; they had never seen the area of ​​the night scene for any black hole, or even that testimony There was already what they called the event look for.

With the new image all of this changes and the first results emerge from the large telescope, which explores the scene of the event, and responds to one of the biggest questions in astropics.

There are three ways of forming black holes. The first is when a large star can be burnt, its energy will be reduced; It turns into a supernova, but the nuclear in the middle can explode and a lot of the star will turn to a black hole.

When two stars of neodron stars are combined, the mass together increases over 2.5 to 2.75 sun masses, which will bring in a black hole. This is the second way.

The third is that if a huge star or large cloud of gas is released immediately, all large quantities are turned into a black hole.

Over time, black holes can continue to produce the products, and its mass and size grows steadily. If the mass of the black hole multiplies, the double radius also doubles, and the mass can increase by ten times, then the ten-meter radius also adds to it. This means the black hole is growing and the surrounding expansion is getting bigger and bigger as the mass grows.

With nothing to be run out of the black hole, the ladder should be the same clear place as anywhere, without the horizon of the event we would not know what was happening within it. afterwards; Because of this, the light from the light is influenced by gravity looking at the theories of a universal relationship. In total, the prospect of the event will hopefully result in a higher 250% view as predictions forecast.

Each telescope has a length of over 12,000 kilometers, so we have a telescope about the diameter of the Earth, which may detect small objects located at an angle of up to 15 microseconds, that is, size. on the moon Because of the mass and after the hole at Rami A, we think it will appear about 37 sandwiches.

A huge humanitarian degree

Watching a black hole in the way a general friendship theory would seem, would be, because we made sure that its size was as big as it expected, at least the sky's look. The event was accurate, as it was expected, or at least, and at least radio transmissions were beyond what we believed, or if there was another breach of the expected behavior.

No doubt humanity will develop separately by making the first image of a black hole. This means we no longer need to rely on the artists' representations or ideas after it. If it is successful, it would complete the path for further in-depth investigations, using a range of space telescopes, and extend our access to hundreds of black holes.

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