The Xiaomi Mi9 will be designed by Mi Liu, the only one who designed a Xiaomi Mi6-ray phone

02/09 10:03

Xiaomi seems to decide with his next banner phone to focus more on Xiaomi Mi8's phone design. Chinese company's production manager, Wang Teng Thomas, said the Xiaomi Mi9 is designed by the same engineer behind the phone design, Xiaomi Mi6, which the Mi Liu architect produces; mean.

Of course, the Xiaomi Mi6 was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful phones in Xiaomi, the largest in design, and thanking her; a bent glass behind it all over the globe in the four sides, and a blue pint of gold.

As a result of the dolphins and truths, there are three cameras in the Xiaomi Mi9 behind, but maybe it's not the trio camera. expectations. A 48 megapixel sensor at phone with a megapixel high-speed sensor and a 3D 3D Tooth sensor.

Despite the cameras, it is also reported that the XOomi Mi9 display will have an AMOLED + Full HD 6.4-inch display with a small cut in the upper center in the shape of a fall with water with its face 24-megapixel. In fact, the Xiaomi Mi9 premium is very similar to the OnePlus 6T phone interface. On the other hand, the Xiaomi Mi9 backup design is similar to the Huawei P20 Pro design, especially when it comes to camera settings because two of these three cameras are set in a unit just with a & # 39; another camera that has been a long while & What is the LED extension below?

As we expected, the new Xiaomi Mi9 will also come with her; The latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 process and Qualcomm X24 LTE modem. For the original version of the Xiaomi Mi9, it comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. This version will cost 2,999 yuan, no 436 US dollars.

When it comes to a sensor, it will be installed on the screen as many of the smartphones now available in the market. The Xiaomi Mi9 will also come back with Android 9 Pie MIUI 10 and there will be a 3500mAh battery that supports 32 speed speed Rapids speed technology, but there will be support for wireless technology for wireless. Telephone dimensions are said to be 155 x 75 x 7.6 mm. This phone needs to be available for purchase in March, so it is likely to be officially named at the MWC 2019 Mobile World Conference, which will be held at the end of February in Barcelona, Spain.

It is not necessary to say that the Xiaomi Mi9 phone information is informal, so it is best to deal with it with the greatest degree of commitment, especially if we know there is no way to prove it very much, now. However, these designations are listed above that it is reasonable and appropriate for smartphones such as the Xiaomi Mi9, but we have to wait to find out if there are other reductions that confirm this information in the future , so please let us know.

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