Three astronomical philosophies can not be lost in February

Although each month will be aligned with at least one science event, a number of lunchtime events will take place; watch the month in February.

In the early February, an amateur astronomer of the world saw an amazingly cosmic spectacle, the "bloody whirlwind moon".

However, for those who lost this sight, there is good news, since this month will see its & # 39; biggest moon in the year, where a & # 39; moon is bigger and lighter than usual.

Indeed, this month began the appearance of the new moon on 4 February, Monday afternoon, according to its # 39; British "Sun" newspaper.

On 19 February, the big moon appears, which should not be lost. That evening, the moon will be so close to Earth as it is; sun, and in this case a & # 39; clear moon.

In the case of the great moon, its moon is a & # 39; look bigger because it is closer to Earth.

The big moon is one of three major satellites in 2019, known as "full moon".

A day by the end of February, on the 27th of this month, radar can look at the latest scientific ideologies this month, Mercury.

The liquor at its highest point is on the horizon and can be seen in the west side of the Earth, just after sunset.

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