Translations of new events and monitoring the frequency of behavior channels

Watch fans of the Turkish series looking for resurrection Artilrill vicious 144 Part V, who continued to research further after the end of the event with inspiring events and amazes, b t faced by the Wars.

Fans from the Turcach Resurrection Artgrel date series with a new program of the series that drew the millions of viewers, and allowed them to view the events of the program 144 the publication of the new journal, which focused on interesting and unexpected events Alingac still exists to understand the link between them and the real Dragos.

Artegrel resurrection

The latest series in the series is the Artegrel series, which has become a great success over the years and the end of the series, followed by the Artegral Season 5 series. the Osman revival and the epic events of the new Ottoman Empire.

Display date of the Artegrel series

The new program for Irish Historical Series will be shown on Wednesday, 17/4/2019, through the TRT Channel Channel 1, at 7:00 on Cairo and 8:00 am Turkey. The series will be shown on the Al Noor website, Al Yarmouk channel, Country Thursday.

The new program follows the following link ====== Artegirl resurrection series

How often are the chain channels of the series

Name of Channel Nowadays Codes of encoding Poaching Satellite name
Young 11316 27500 Fair Nilesat
Invitation 10727 27500 Exactly Nilesat
Home. T 11012 27500 Fair Nilesat
East 11137 27500 Exactly Nilesat
University of Yarmouk 11678 27500 Exactly Nilesat
TRT 11042 8400 Exactly TURKSAT
TRT 10928 3000 Exactly EUTELSAT

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