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NEW YORK (Reuters) – a new trade war caused by US tariffs on cars could further damage world economic growth in the Chinese-US trade war, the IMF's chief economist Geeta Gopinath said t .
Gopinath told Reuters in an interview that such conflict would affect exports from a larger number of countries and would charge taxes from the USA from many commercial partners.
"We are concerned about the impact of tariffs on cars on the global economy as we enter a recovery phase," Gubinath said on the IMF and World Bank conference conferences in Washington.
Such trade disputes have arisen into the motor car sector, causing it to be confused with larger parts of the flow of global manufacturing provision.
"This will be more expensive for the global economy than trade tenders between the USA and China," said Jobinath in India, the Harvard professor.
The US President, Donald Trump, has threatened to impose duties on customs and parts brought in for national security reasons by around 25 per cent, based on the law of 1962 trade, designed to protect During the Cold War.
Trump publicly urged that he was using threats to car tax to support business partners, including Japan and the European Union, in trade negotiations.
But recently it was threatening the customs tax on Mexico cars if security had not been improved on the US border.
The US Department of Trade made recommendations to consider Item 232 on whether car imports would threaten national security for the White House but did not publish their content.
Under article 232, Trump has been working on May 17 any recommendations in the report regarding customs duties on cars.
In the event that a fee is charged, it will be badly damaged in the second half of 2019, the only period the International Finance Fund (IMF) expects to regenerate in global growth as the Federal Reserve and t other central settlements has halted raising standards. According to the World Economic Outlook the International Finance Fund announced Tuesday, the revival is predicted to rise in 2020, but the IMF warned that the threat was having an impact on many risks. T .
“Trade is the biggest threat, which also brings rise in corporate and government debt, pressure on some big markets and the emergence of an unprecedented Union of Union markets. T "Gubinath said," said Gubinath.

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