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We must speak of how they destroyed the fear of Israel

This was in an interview with The Times of Israel, on the World Economic Forum forums in the Jordan, the first interview of the Israeli media center.

Alawi, a foreign minister from Oman since 1997, warned if you avoid it [الخطة] Palestine state state, not a future. "

Yousef bin Alawi


Netanyahu met Omani Sultan Qaboos bin Said in Muscat in October 2018, becoming the first Prime Minister in more than forty years in the Polish-American conference in Warsaw in the Middle East.

Addressing Omani's traditional clothes, Ibn Alawi said that Arab states should find out how they can calm down in their security situation.

“Israel believes that it is in a place where enemies, who have the security requirements, are a key priority, so Arab must debate this issue and see how we can delete this feeling. and he came to understanding with Israel, "said he." If Israel is sure of his security, he will not have no need for his army to be held in the Arab countries and they do not feel that he has enemies area. t "

Jordan's Foreign Minister, Ayman Safadi, responded: "The issue is a post." In 2002, as part of the Arab peace campaign, twelve Arab countries and the Israeli Israeli offered to recognize as a reward for withdrawing from the areas. it was captured for nearly five decades.

Al-Alawi said that although Israel-Oman's friendship was not made normal, both countries are communicating with each other.

Yousef bin Alawi


“Standardization will be the responsibility of a number of principles … If these principles, which introduce the Palestina state, have been fulfilled, the next stage, which includes interests He said: "there is nothing to stop it." Officials of Israel visit Amman or vice versa.

Israel has only a formal relationship with Egypt and Jordan, but it appears that its relations with some Gulf states, including the United Arab Emirates, have recently improved as part of an insecure fellowship. the face of Iran.

He also said that Israel would not succeed in bringing the Arab world to the rule of the Jewish state of the West Back, the Golan Heights and Shebaa Farms, the areas in which Israel was involved. The De-Latha War.

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