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With the tunnel mark on Tun Tunes for the Clan – Fife Arab

Spice Tunnel is the most famous channel in the Arab world, whereby we display the frequency of Space Tun channel as one of the oldest frequencies associated with families and children in the Arab world . He is always keen to give this material as well as infidelity for children. Every age.

Frequency of Space Tun channel

But also TV tuners on TV also watch for a good content of recreation such as cartoon and mouse carts, for example funny.
SpaceTun is the oldest channel for children's grandparents in the Arab world. Since its inception, SpaceTone has been very keen to have good, meaningful and educated content for children.

This has helped her get more interest from many children by going to her. open the SpaceTone channel and watch the frequency of the new SpaceTun channel.
About the things that helped to make a tonne-tunnel among the most common media for children.

In the search rates in the Arab world, and perhaps one of the biggest things that are in the world. offers free Disney films on the screen, since it is the ownership of Disney films in a pack around the world as a whole and its; Help these films so that the space channel for children on each home is published Arabic.

The channel on the programs on the screen is divided into several sections, and these programs are similar to the Zmrdh planet interested in the order of all films.

All programs are for girls, as well as a program known as the Planet's beauty, with an interest in the nature of the rescue and the nature of the mind, and cartoon filmet presentations Planet Bonbonne, and a storyteller of natural cartoon films historically, and a science plan of nature investigates, and transmits film and pleasure activities.
The frequency of channel is 11785

The coding level is 27500
Moon NileSat
Factor error 4/3

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