UBC researchers find out that they're turn the rabbit into the znunks to hypnotized zombies


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It might be like something from Christmas Ron's Nightmare, but UBC's researchers say that "Zombie Spiders" is the same thing. Well, this is not just zombies, but they certainly work in the "zombie-like" trance.

So why is this clever and gracious act in such a spectacular way?

The answer is both weird and interesting: new announcement was announced Zatypota to put the crew under an interesting spell. He works in particular with the social groups We miss out more Reinstall by putting egg into the womb's womb. Whenever the eggs are, their larvae will be; bringing life out of the poor arachnid, and also a & # 39; moving his mind. In particular, it runs as a page.

Philippe Fernandez-Fournier is the main author of this new research, and adds, although there are similar behaviors in the past, that this complex phase has not been seen. ever.

In addition, he says that the spider is very handsome, but then he does the most awful thing. Once the larvae is a & # 39; Starting "controlling" his hospitality, he is trying to spin a thread. After having to eat her & her; oceanic hospitality, the cocoa look, full of development and ready to take the world.

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