Uber driver has a duty responsible for driving a problem


CTVNews.ca Staff with a Brandon Rowe CTV Toronto report

Published Tuesday, January 1, 2019 8:52 EST

Uber's dutyless duty driver was among 22 people who were charged with driving crimes missing during the week between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day, York Regional Police.

The police said they responded to a call from a disturbed citizen on December 31 just after a night-night incident was reported to a problem-driven driver.

Police reported that the suspect, identified as an Uber driver, was just introduced to a car park in one of his city's seats for the erection of a passenger when arrested.

Const. Laura Nicolle and York Regional Police told CTV Toronto that she could not think of another example when a bicycle service was runner-up as an Uber arrested and sentenced by a crime with a problem.

"Indeed, the citizens did the right thing by calling in," she said.

Whitchurch-Stouffville's 55-year-old Dennis Romanin was arrested and arrested with a detrimental effect on working and involving alcohol offensive over 80 million people per 100 millenar blood.

The arrest is coming into an unwanted campaign by the York Divisional Police, which was launched last year, Driving by drugs or alcohol.

Police and police officers indicated that every person convicted of criminal offenses related to weakening in an effort to drive a problem with social or non- Reporter and how York District Police Chief, Eric Jolliffe, will be defined as "an urgent move".

The police believe that the public still does not; get a message.

"Unfortunately, we see the drivers with a problem that we are arresting at different ages," said Nicolle. "It seems like it is quite wide."

None of the taxes were determined in court.

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