Ubilla: "Some of the past periods are related to the subject of Mapucing purposes" National


The Interior Minister (s), Rodrigo Ubilla, He said Sunday that some fires recorded in the southern part of the country would be linked to "Caseucas case".

"I say that some of the fires that happened in the last time related to the topic of the Mapuche case ", Ubilla announced in an interview with La Tercera newspaper.

Although the minister did not enter his statements, he explained that there were fires that were given and they confirmed that there was a danger with a firearm or a shipplane was killed.

"When you're pulling a plane that sets out a fire there is a different reason. There is a firearm used to frighten its company brigades. Fighting the fire, they have to leave the place, and the plane is damaged as we all know. There is a different difference in the uncertainty of crew … "he said.

Regarding the government's activities in summer woodland fires, Ubilla found that the increase in facilities for Chonaf and others had allowed a smaller number of impact areas, although it was also a # 39 ; value better coordination between the different institutions involved.

"This year is 45,000 hectares, compared to 559 miles in 2017. Why is this? I believe there are resources, on the one hand, but also greater coordination, Nowadays, if we put the private resources used in co-ordination with public funds, it will continue to diversify it again with two, "he said.

According to Onemi's latest report, The number of hectarers called the flames affects 53,000 in July 2018 and February this year.

At national level, there are 96 active fires, 42 of which are active, 51 are controlled and 3 are away.

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