Ubisoft impeded sex, game and graphic changes "Iridescent Six: Siege Action". It is hoped that it will bring the original "Rainbow Six Siege at Tom Clancy" to the revival


To expand the Asian market age, Ubisoft's previous plan will change the relevant content "Iridescent Six: Siege Action" which can be used. breaking the rules. Today, the official news of explaining this change, and will further refine the original art design.

Ubisoft said earlier this month, to expand the "Iridescent Six: Siege Action" extension in a & # 39; Asian market, it will transform sensitive content such as maps and imagery in the game, including species, play, bloody, etc. to ensure content of the game is consistent, and there is a pressure on to make these changes not affect their play experience.

Why do you want to make these changes in the global version instead of the divide in two versions? The official statement: "We want to simplify the repetitive development work to improve the problem solving efficiency. With the same global format, we only need to do any work, and we can make sure that changes in the future in accordance with global rules. " At the same time, We also promised: "We will ensure that the" Iridescent Six: Siege Action "knowledge is consistent, and at present changes the visual arts and effects, which will not affect the knowledge a game. "

However, for such modifications, the players have expressed their ideas, so the team spent a week exploring the solution and decided to update each artistic change. The officer said, as the "Wind Bastion" update will start these changes, it will not affect any players.

For policy change, the official definition is: "We have been giving direct attention to the community's response in the last few weeks, and we have regular discussions with the team in. We are Hope to make sure that all players play, especially those who have played at the beginning, as hard as possible for their basic Original artistic talent. Artists in Asia can continue to experience the same content as other players. "

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