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Bogha-frois Sia

Ubisoft published at the beginning of the month that he intends to send her & # 39; Rainbow box case to world honesty as a result of entering the Asian market. As Ubisoft wanted to modify maps and equipment due to governments there, the company made a fine fine.

So Ubisoft finally decided to change the rest of the world, and although the game may change, it will not be as much as expected at start: "With the launch of Wind Bastion, we will start returning the changes so that they do not affect any player; so a patient is if some of the elements (productivity) are & # 39 , stay in the game. We will try to sweep the shortest possible time to minimize the effects on the start of the new season and the sustainability of the building. "

Rainbow Six Siege

The publisher says that he has been talking about staff and community conversations in the last few weeks to ensure that the game is so responsible & # 39; The ideas of the players can. This means that the game will be at least a n; preserving the current state of the environment and & # 39; He may get his own version of the game, separated from the rest of the world.

Operation Wind Bastion also introduces two new consultants and a new map.

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