UC of Valparaiso says classes will be hindered as a result of a risk


An Catholic Pontifical University of Valparaíso (PUCV) named disrupting classes at Central House Wednesday, November 28th for the risk that a student in the house inspection would be opposed to staff and other students.

Throughout the statement said the institute, once and that this notice gave notice "Carabiners and PDI were promptly installed to carry out the repairs and take the appropriate security measures, and to ensure the integrity of the University's Community".

By means of a website that anonymous user said, who identified himself as a lawyer student at the PUCV, in a message in English that he would going to the university with weapons and planes on Wednesday to kill the teachers and students.

"I'm a 4-year-old law student at PUCV in Valparaíso, Chile, I miss every course and kill the professor and the students I can. Before I get rid of it, I've had a rifle rifle, Beretta's pistol, a lot of weapons and some explosives, the burns begin tomorrow at midday., what he said in the message.

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