UFC Argentina: Magny vs. Ponzinibbio – Winners and Losers


UFC Argentina did not have any minutes that we would have to remember for his & her; Rest of our lives that Elbow Rodriguez did against Chan Sung Jung. In fact, the card was very sad to sit through the majority of the event. However, everything was not bad. In fact, much of it was very good when you thought about it. He just excavated under the surface to realize that there were many positive improvements that came from Buenos Aires. Perhaps it was Santiago Ponzinibbio, his native Argentinians, split Niall Magny by skipping low boats before using the last beat to try Magny to enter the canvas. However, it is not so amazing or so appealing to the Rodriguez bend, but both incredible and incredible. Hmmm … maybe I should bring it back than I said about minutes to hitting it.


Santiago Ponzinibbio: Was there any other place that Ponzinibbio could go ashore? Producing a & # 39; First cart in his country in Argentina, Ponzinibbio was the catalyst of the opening of the military and military cuts. The patience expressed by Ponzinibbio was also encouraging, not to Getting out for a great deal to break in to kill him, and know he would be there for himself. Boy, he was ever. The prize puts Ponzinibbio seven winners in a row. Given, some of the advantages in the current running of Ponzinibbio were not a certain thing, but they are counted like that. This is hoped Ponzinibbio can get the enemy in the next five points. He is worthy of it.

Ricardo Lamas: Although nobody expects to return to Strong, it was good to see her & # 39; compiled an exhibition that seemed strongly to his main version than the last two losses. It was not that everything was great as Lamas was struggling to be at # 39; Finding his time in his first visit. But, once he did, he left a blood message to Darren Elkins before the referee proceeded with less than a minute to go. It may be that Lamas is going to post a & # 39; gate to the top ten for a year or two before adding another slide ….

Johnny Walker: There were whiskey scenes on the other side, Walker showed that he does not give it enough to put it out. Washed an excavation iron; , who remembers Anderson Silva to her; Rich Franklin administration. But instead of killing Khalil Rountree with his knees – as did Silva for Franklin – b> It was a short hawk that made the trick. Add to the special interview after Walker's fight and the adult beginner thought.

John Heinisch: This is not a # 39; the most beautiful competition, but paid for the Heinisch stability. Despite being an early box with Cezar Ferreira – and laid down several times – Heinisch stayed easier than Ferreira to help the judges. There are plenty of things to pull away from his performance, but he let the person cut. The competition took a short notice and was the new one at the end of 15 minutes. With some revival, Heinisch looks to be a big player in the future.

Marlon Vera: If Vera always has a way to avoid slowly, it may be a major business activist on the # 39; timetable. Awakening in the second round after allowing Cannetti to influence it in the # 39; First round, Vera invaded Cannetti with his penalties before completing the groundbreak competition with RNC. Vera has never finished his job and does not appear to be happening at the moment.

Cynthia Calvillo: Although Calvillo was looking like hell at her & her; Company, has created an interesting game plan to bring it back from a successful person. I was very worried because she seemed to be happy to pull things out with Botelho, but she just wanted to. waiting for the right opening for the fight, taking a blow from the Brazilian and taking it to the ground. The RNC that sank into Botelho was locked in a terrible horror, but was still capable of being completed. That's interesting as hell. If Chalvillo 115 can move forward successfully, she is still a smeap platform. But that seems to be big if yes.

Michel Prazeres: The burly Brazilian is never looking better. It was expected to be a lot of risk at the feet, Prazeres thought that he was going to rest, He used various things to keep his opening for Bartoxz Fabinski with a single port. He took a lot more punishments and got guillotine to finish the job, but Prazeres expanded rapidly to eight. Now if he finds the truth that he can not be lighter enough …

Laureano Staropoli: I have to admit, I did not expect much from the Argentinian youth. Although there are still many to work, Staropoli has shown the heart, hardness and power to easily interpret Hector Aldana's game. There must be a star of species because it's just a problem in Aldana itself, but it's a bit. He was a funeral fight. Staropoli needs to settle enough, but it may be the main course in the future.

Jesus Pinedo: The young man did not fire the world in any way to start and showed a gradient IQ. But, when many people were rebuked, Pinedo has a Out of the evening walk with great victory. Much like Staropoli, the UFC still needs to be improved with care – and maybe they have no time to do so – but there is a commitment.

Nad Narimani: Very similar to his first UFC, b & # 39; Narimani's decision defeated Anderson dos Santos that is not the sex competition. However, it was a clear crystal decision; where the actor Cage Warriors showed a little more of it. I want to see what Narimani can do against a high level of competition.

Argentina: Although no-one expects the country to become the core of MMA, the enthusiastic population and their countrymen have been placed on hard shows, even in the case of Guido Cannetti's defeat. It may be years before the UFC comes again, but I am confident that it will happen again. It's only when it's.


Niall Magny: I understand the latest thing that Magny wanted to do; doing things against Ponzinibbio, but what did he have to win his plan? In addition to a second round time, everything that it was spread was outside its; ceilidh while he was & # 39; pump his pipes. It was clear after her first visit was not her & her; going to work. Despite this, he did not; Magny switches up things, and Ponzinibbio gets rid of the crap out of his legs and put it on. With the way Magny's face is put into the canvas, there may be no one who had a bad night than he did.

Darren Elkins: I need to send Elkins just based on the amount of damage he got. It's never a good night when you're going to. strive to protect yourself, because your blood is in your eyes how Elkins has been sent for the first time since 2013. But, less than Elkins's, Finishing, Elkins is the amount of damage he has been in post. Even in wrestling victories against Mirsad Bektic and Michael Johnson, Elkins sent a lot of strikes over the war. I'm sure I would have been a winner, otherwise affected, but did not. Is the global penalty going up?

Khalil Rountree: Rountree has put many people to sleep during his career. For the first time in his career, his own doctor Rountree broke. Although Walker is big for a heavy light, Rountree made a look. Rountree remembers whenever he was in a middle middle, I know if he's a? going to re-consider trading at 205. We see.

Cezar Ferreira: Everything at Ferreira was a desirable. It's better. Fighter faster. He had a whole camp. Hell, he also landed some early pointed accounts. And despite that, he put off the competition for lack of groundhandling and shaking gas tank early in the fight. Given, I believe Ferreira learns from here – he has been a prestigious campaigner because he is fragile fragile – but this is not the type of lesson that a vet needs to be learned at this time.

Poliana Botelho: And things started as good as Botelho … She rolled out Calvillo on her feet and she was a going out after Calvillo's first trips. When he hit the stick, he was academic. Botelho seems to be b & b; It can not be an active trigger, but that's about it if she can not show it more.

Bartosz Fabinski: I found that Fabinski was finding out outside the UFC after Prazeres had been transported. Due to the fabulous style of Fabinski, the UFC may have been searching for any excuse to cut the free police. Now he has a call on the record – and most contracts are run for four feet – do not expect the Butcher to come back.

Ulka Sasaki: Belief to Sasaki to escape from & # 39; The first one tried Alexandre Pantoja to go to; trying to submit it, but impressive Sasaki played with fire to a lot and was finally fired. Why would the hell allow Pantoja to be comfortable on his back? Sasaki is one of the most spectacular scenery of the collection. It is difficult that the UFC looks to rid the split because Sasaki is not still in a position; although it is very successful at its & # 39; most of the area's vision.

Humberto Bandenay: Bandenay's chance to get so high & as they can be given not just the level of challenge that was in place; coming out of Austin Arnett, but also the style game. That was clear early when Bandenay worked over the body and feet of Arnett early. Then his gas tank came out and was for the Peruvian. If Bandenay could not beat Arnett, he should not be in the UFC.

Devin Powell: No one will ever wear a stomach, a core or gas tank. But, as well as corporate equipment, it is likely that we are able to fight IQ to areas where it is lacking. Pinedo took a lot of things to put on his back. Despite this, Powell did not change anything. But the worst crime, however, is: going forward for seconds when it was clear on the cards. Powell is really good, but he does not have to be in the UFC.

Osiris Maia: Although Maia's joy was not very important in any way, he allowed Fabinski to participate in the Matt Lindland group of campaigners who had been involved in the campaign. tap twice a season. Because Fabinski was not just going to sleep on behalf of Maia missing her & # 39; first chup, it was not a really good mistake; there. Despite this, the last thing that a referee wants to do is; study.


Guido Cannetti: I am feeling for Cannetti because BADLY wanted to build victory in front of her countrymen. It came close to doing that too, a & # 39; Vera raids several times in the opening round. Vera was just the change he could never find early in battle and everything she had written. I can not call Cannetti although it was nutritious for nuts and it looked better than ever. Cannettes may be cut, but it would go out in the & # 39; crops.

Alexandre Pantoja: This is absolutely nothing related to the performance of Pantoja in the cage. The Brazilian resembled a million bucks, an application application guide together until the RNC finally stopped Ulka Sasaki. No, Pantoja can not be regarded as a winner because it appears to be badly damaging as the UFC is doing; Looking for a great deal. Because Pantoja is very tough, I'm sorry to be successful not to translate into bantamweight. We need to keep track of what's happening now for Pantoja. Does anyone know Bellator's interest in opening up a split section?

Austin Arnett: Although he is desirable to congratulate UFC's first advantage, he was still in a position; Feeling that something was needed from Arnett's performance. It has been benefited by a & # 39; Waiting for Bandenay to be set out, allowing Arnett to pull his own way apart. Do not get me wrong, that's an interesting way. But he dropped behind the cards early by enabling Bandenay to work on his / her; case, especially for the body. I usually used to & # 39; think Arnett could be a funeral activity fun. There is not much more.

Hector Aldana: I do not want to adverse Aldana Mexico because he has been over the expectations in the UFC talk to date. However, the expectations have been so low that it did not take much over them. Because it's done better than expected and still coming up at a short end; stick with a great edge twice a day, it would be better if the UFC was cut.

Anderson two Saints: Because there was no other situation in which Brazil was doing it to the UFC, thanking his age, the teams dropped out of two Saints despite the loss of Narimani. In addition to tight guileotine to look in the & # 39; Last round, two Saints did not ever have a threat. However, he also fought very well A summary in a section out of the place where it will be a fight. We will get a better feeling for him in his next appearance.

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