UFC combatant arrested in Miami, the police are confirming it


Conor McGregor, star of the UFC, was arrested and convicted by police in Florida.

The Miami Herald Firstly, McGregor was brought into police custody for a follow-up event at the end of the night.

Police Department of Miami Beach has since confirmed that MacGregor has been involved in strong crime and organized crime. MacGregor kept $ 12,500 securities.

Also with the police report there is a photograph of a mixed art star that is 30 years old.

According to the police report of the incident, McGregor has said that he had defeated the Englishman's 22 years of age when he tried to take a photo of the old light curling t leaving his night club at 5m.

The report goes on to say that McGregor's phone broke from his hands and then chased him on several occasions.

It is then said that he is lifting the phone and walking away with him.

A police report claims that the incident recorded in the observation film, which claims to be McGregor's departure from the Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel, is being claimed. back to tourism village.

Investigators say that MacGregor was found later by his local address before being brought into the town and taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Settlement Center in Miami-Dade at 5.56 t f local time.


Solicitor for MacGregor told him to change “small” and said the fightingman would work nicely with the authorities.

“Last night, Conor McGregor was involved in a small phone-making process, which caused a call to law,” said Samuel J. Rabin Jr, Miami's agent representing McGregor. T , in a recital. “Mr. MacGregor understands the importance of law enforcement and commits to full co-operation. ”

McGregor circulated a video and a series of photographs of himself and his family to mark his mother's 60th birthday last week and in a holiday in Florida.

McGregor has not been fighting against the UFC since he woke the fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov in Las Vegas in October where the Irish star must surrender.

He was hanged from the UFC for six months and fined $ 50,000 for a brash after losing.

The girl aged 30-year-old showed her a custodial sentence when he pleaded guilty to his conduct of disorderly behavior at Brooklyn Criminal Court.

The attack was associated with his infamous bus attack, with a number of UFC opponents leaving a competitor with a slight injury.

'The Notorious' was charged with the prosecution of several assaults and serious crimes following the assault of the bus at Barclays Center in April and recently carried out 25 hours of community service at Brooklyn churches .


McGregor said he was “humble” to do manual tasks that did not go out trying to hurry up, hurried Clive Neil at Bedford Central Church, where his efforts had been canceled. T a cock-grip on the heap from Monday to Friday last week from 11am to 4pm.

“He kept using that word – bling humbling, '” said the minister on Sunday. “It was doing physical work – cleaning, moving, moving boxes, moving goods, getting the waste out and so on.

“It was very patient and rubbing down the bronze, rubbing with spray and clothes. He has plenty of muscles to do this. ”

The Dublin exchange gave attacks of “six or seven people” including some “big” defenses which monitored, but “didn't help with any of the jobs,” said Neil. .

MacGregor told the minister that he was a Catholic and “that he was feeling we were getting it,” said the Protestant sermon.

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