UFC: Conor McGregor


He's been terrified by Miami's spy-bust with Conor McGregor, who has suddenly become frightened of his life as the star UFC lost control.

McGregor was then held on Tuesday and accused of robbery and disorder of crime after being accused of treating 22-year-old Ahmed Abdirzak One year after an Englishman was attempting to take a photograph outside Miami Beach nightclub at 5am.

According to the report, McGregor and Abdirzak went on to the Fontainebleau Hotel – which is the location of the LIV nightclub – when the event happened.

Abdirzak has previously noted to TMZ that he is angry that his personal memories will be lost, even if McGregor is returning back on the phone.

He is now shown in an interview with the Daily Mail who was afraid of his life after MacGregor appeared in a row of bodies.

Abdirzak says that he and his friends were waiting for their car in the Fontainebleau Hotel car park when they saw MacGregor leaving the same premises.

They called out to the old 30-minute weight contest and it was probably a proper conversation between the two until MacGregor started pushing Abdirzak and his friends.

"My friend saw him on the way out and he shouted" McGregor, McGregor, we've come from London, "he said.

"He turned around and respected him. I said, 'Man dem McGregor,' he said again a word on word, mocking me.

"It looked so good at that time then, he was friendly and kind. I didn't wait for him or make him anxious. T

"I don't drink, I've never drunk alcohol in my life. I have never made any drugs. I was totally sober."

Abdirzak says he changed when McGregor noticed that he was filming the phone call, standing over 5m from the UFC star.

"He reached out his left hand to welcome me, to shake my hand. But then he caught my arm so I couldn't get away," said the accused.

"I had a grip of it. I could describe it as a professional athlete. I thought it was going to hit me. I was surprised.

"I looked into his face and his eyes were heavy. He was so angry. I don't know if it was drunk or on drugs, but he was looking f *** ked.

"I just stayed but up and went, I didn't want to fight. Then, with the right hand, he hit the phone … It was so hard that I hit the body of my body." altogether. "

He says that MacGregor raised the phone before he got on and then he went on to break it.

"He stamped four times," the witness says.

"He picked it up and put it in a jumper. I can't believe what I saw."

"He made his swagger dance and took his black SUV with his legacy around him.

"I asked them," can I get my phone back? "

"I tried to run after him and I asked him back but he laughed."

He says that police and MacGregor have not been in contact to discuss the telephone area and he is angry that he has returned to him.

It also seeks to make justice so that McGregor could not return to the United States or obtain the United States VISA due to his crime webpage.

"It is a dangerous and dangerous attack," said Abdirzak.

"He lives up to a name – a bad reputation. He thinks the usual rules don't apply.

"I would not want anybody to be imprisoned, but they should make an example of it. His fans are already sending jokes and jokes about me online."

Abdirzak previously stated that "loss of photographs is the essence of many of his son".

In a video distributed by TMZ, Abdirzak has been providing what is happening.

“We came to LIV on Sunday,” he said. Blue rapper was a feature and we could just see what was hitting it. There were plenty of famous people in the list over, Birdman (another man involved), Blueface, NFL and a few NBA players there.

“So we can see McGregor in the club and it was very cool or whatnot. Out on the way out, we were just waiting for our carriage. As soon as we take it, I'll see Conor McGregor. Take out my little phone.

"As soon as I pull out my voice, McGregor tries to shake his hand. As soon as he went to shake my hand, he grabbed me in. T , I caught the phone and started to beat it.

"All my security checks have been exhausted, it strikes me out of my way. And it affects me, there is a video that will let it out. It's really rude, like the 'f *** in my face, you don't just do that.' So I was, like him. Sir, my phone, to bring me back … I made sure my phone was over again, and they were, Move one, move, you are listening better to what Conor & t .

"We picked up the phone and shouted. He then picked up the SUV. It was after that the hotel manager came and took the pictures." even to my iCloud like that, the photos I am going to give are not even bigger.

McGregor, 30, was later arrested at another address and charged for capturing strong weakening and illegal misunderstanding. The case will be heard at the County Circuit Court in Miami-Dade on 10 April.

The old and light female curve attempted to clean her head after her latest controversy by going after her release on bail. T

Macgregor was released on bail and appeared in a smile leaving a police station in Miami with a gray lid with gray trousers and dark sandals.

Read his T-shirt: "When I say something is going to happen, it's going to happen."

He then took to Instagram to tell supporters that he was "continuing to work" on his patience.

Sharing a snap, he expressed: "Being patient in this world is one of the benefits and I really work on it. I really love my supporters."

McGregor has been on holiday with his family in Florida to celebrate Margaret's 60th birthday.

His lawyer, Samuel Rabin said to the Miami Herald the Irishman, said he had been involved in a bit of a mobile phone causing a call to the law. T

The Sun reports that McGregor has appeared with another player in a film posted online before being captured in Miami.

In the movie that was posted on Instagram, McGregor – is shown with a dark t-shirt – along with another night club at the LIV club in Miami.

It seems he is animated by the weird club before the camera goes away.

It is thought that the film was filmed before the event claimed during the early hours of Monday morning outside the Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami beach.

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