UFC – Francis Ngannou completes Cain Velasquez with KO in 26 seconds


Francis Ngannou Cain Velasquez KO

At the timeUFC PhoenixFrancis Ngannou did not know anything against Cain Velasquez! So the Protestant sent the KO in his first visit.

The long return he had to go; wait Cain Velasquez proved to have been … as was made by Francis Ngannou uncertain. Hunter won a KO in 26 seconds! Speaking to the old UFC referee at 1-2, Frang did not let him go and he continued his effort, and he did not. hamper effort. When he fell, Velasquez seemed to be injured.

Ngannou completed his business in land and not. The predator is back! After the fight, Cain explained "I got closer too soon"… of course. Now, we want revenge against Mice Stipe !

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