UK Weather: Storm Diana to MERGE with the Atlantic storm before SMASHING UK – renewed route News News


Storm Diana should hit the British coasts on Wednesday. Although the storm ends the dresser bend lately, it will also add as much water and it will generate wind turbines in parts. This is the fourth named storm of the season, after Storm Call says three lives in August.

Before Storm Diana goes, the United Kingdom will be able to see & # 39; turned very wet due to a different low restriction system in the Atlantic.

Following the pummeling of the Portagailteach nan Azores islands, Diana will join this emergency zone before going on land in the United Kingdom on Wednesday.

Gaelic is expected of up to 60mph in the west of the UK, with heavy rain, although the storm is expected to move through rapidly.


In some western areas, the water numbers may be between 60mm and 80mm over Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The maximum 10C temperature is expected to reach the southwest, with a height of 4C to 7C to & # 39; Expectations elsewhere, with foggy risks as the fertilizer will fall again overnight.

It is expected that Storm Diana will move away at Wednesday afternoon, although surfing seems to be going on until Thursday.

Meteologist, Dan Harris, said: "It is now very likely to see a huge change in UK weather early next week."

He said: "We expect a warm and windy weather to be spread across the UK from the south west from Thursday, although there is uncertainty about time and focus for Heaviest water and strong winds before Wednesday when Storm Diana comes to shore. "

He said: "Keep in touch with the Met Office's repetition and warnings over the next few days so that you are ready for the weather as it changes."

Two thirds of British people were catched by bad weather according to the latest research from the Met Office.

Now, the weather service has been in conjunction with the Office of the Cabinet to help its citizens; get "prepared weather".

Some of the weather tips are:

1. Make sure your daily flu is calm.

2. Prepare your vehicle with a rod and make sure tension is in good condition.

3. Discuss on family and neighbors support plans.

4. When heated at 18C.

5. Pack bad-bag essentials if you need to leave your home quickly.

6. Learn about the effects of winds and floods so you can not be surprised.

7. Consider whether pipes are protected or need to be.

8. Provide essential home stock supplies if you can not go for a while.

9. Share time advice with family, friends and neighbors.

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