A small section of the voters, I call, known as Russian citizens, come to Zelensky / GORDON

It is unlikely that the Uists would seem to introduce the regulatory standard required by the presenter Vladimir Zelensky if he becomes the president of the Ukraine. This view was expressed by the Minister for Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

Ukraine's candidate for Ukraine, the presenter Vladimir Zelensky, was moved to part of the voters at Russian bases. This idea was expressed in an interview with LB.ua with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov.

“Zelensky has been moved to a section of the constituents, which I call Russian fans. They were looking for a candidate to try the application, and they found it. This is one reason why he has such high trust, ”said Avakov.

He said the president believed the president would be more impressed with people.

Zelensky, the leader of the Ministry of Ministry brought in a call from another world.

“From a different plane. Read for dealing with difficulties, while recognizing that it is not fully competent in many cases. In this respect, this means that he is ready to delegate his authority. After all, if it exercises powers for a safeguarder – as it does in some of the Servant of the People series – it will be very bad for the nation.who came to work in a contractual country. – "GORDON"– there is no choice, "- said Avakov.

He expressed the view that the society cannot provide a regulatory standard for Zelensky.

"He has a fairly different perspective. He knows sure you need to get to point B from point A, and I'm ready to agree with that. But the problem is the way it is, that is So you have to choose the right track – and then capable and honest experts must act, "the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs added. t

31 March in Ukraine held the next election. 39 candidates attended. The number of votes was 62.8%.

The Commission for the Medium of Election processed 80.9% of electronic protocols. According to their findings, the founder and arts director at Kvartal 95's studio, Vladimir Zelensky (30.41% of votes), and the current state of Petro Poroshenko (16.02%), are entering d & # 39. many elections.

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