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Snowboard Annamari Dancha He became an author of one of the main impacts World Championships in a hands-on and snow stylewho will take place in american utah. A 28 year old athlete won money on parallel slalomSouth Westerly

This is the first coin for Ukrainian snowboarding in the history of world-wide exhibitions.

Danchi's financial success in a more attractive parallel slalom, with her complex model, received her. With the result of the certificate, a woman in Ukraine made her way to the number of 16 finalists with her output. But in the races on the route was almost impossible for Dancha. In the final 1/8 she won the Germans Cheyen loh (2 results), in a final 1/4 ahead of Poland Alexandru Krol (7), in 1/2 of the final, above the bronze medal base of the 2018 German Olympics Ramona Hofmeister (3).
In the final race against Switzerland Julia Tsogg (4) Dancha walked at the same pace as the rival, but still lost at the end with a difference of less than one second.
2017 World Cup. Snowboard linear Slalom. Final Protocol
Another Ukrainian, Alexandra Malyannaya, ranked 34th. Russian won in a human competition Dmitry Loginov. Results of Ukrainian athletes: Alexander Belinsky – 27 places Roman Aleksandrovsky 34-e, Evgeniy Guliy – did not finish
Remember the day before Dancha was the semi-final in the finals of the massive slalom.

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