Bakkt informed the development of the stage and presented the board of directors

A cryptocurrency Bakkt platform, run with the finance Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), introduced the board members, led by Tom Noonan, a defendant entrepreneur.

“We are following a whole new course requiring hard work from all of us, including the board of directors. So I want to bring in its members: Internet Security Systems, JouleX and Endgame Tom Tomonon will be the head of the council. Jeff Sprecher, founder and Head of ICE, Managing Director SoftBank, also joined Akshay Nakheta and Managing Partner of Goldfinch Partners, Sean Collins.– Kelly Leffler wrote in the official blog of Bakkt CEO.

She confirmed that she could not yet stage the starting date of the platform to sell in delivery-loving times, but there has been a lot of progress in developing the campaign as an t Yes.

Bakkt is actively cooperating with the Commission of Agriculture of the US Agricultural Land (CFTC) to obtain permission to list US ICE Futures future futures and confirm ICE Clear US.

In future, the platform will cover the actual tenancy conviction, which Leffler will determine, as a new level in the context of receiving digital funding.

"Launching new materials requires solutions to change without realizing it."

According to some data, Bakkt's investment value is reaching $ 740 million. This was made possible by a huge tour of $ 182 million in the Treasure Series A, in which Microsoft, Boston Consulting Group, Galaxy Digital and others participated.

Recall, Bakkt, Eric Haas's legal compliance buy-out was previously the activity of ICE, and Rachel Ford, senior manager of center TechStars, was the strategic director of activity.

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