Between lenders Bitcoin QuadrigaCX brewing conflict

After the death of QuadrigaCX, Canada's bitcoin exchange, Gerald Kotten, established the private keys for the cold storage of the grave, and the platform had fallen. Traditionally, there has been a conflict between partners – who should be the first person to receive payments. Many investors of fiat investments believe that they are eligible for their investment. The first money they return, CoinDesk reports.

It should be noted that around 50 million fiat deposits have several reasons held by third parties – it is estimated that there are processes – and $ 137 million in lost cryptocurrency equality.

Thinking of credit error, QuadrigaCX is retained by the Nova Scotia High Court temporary ban on legal actions against the exchange. Now, the company is about one month to evaluate the remaining resource, and will be delivered in a & # 39; court then.

At the same time, some exhibitors fiat, according to the publication, are already preparing an active legal course, and # 39; Waiting to build a stop.

Earlier, the Indian authorities declared Kotten's death. He died on 8 December as a result of a heart attack at the Fortis Escorts Private Hospital in Jaipur, India. It is also known that Crohn's disease problems had died.

It is clear, when Kotten's heart stopped for the first time, the doctors got awakened, but then his situation grew worse and the second stroke failed.

Add to the Canadian financial regulators who refused to obstruct QuadrigaCX history.

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