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Blockchain Tezos will use $ 1 billion for construction

The Elevated Returns company has given a new project on investment investments, and is tokeniziruet a & # 39; worth $ 1 billion on the Tezos block platform, which the press release says.

President Stefan De Bajec informed the fact that the Tezos blockage is more suited to the tokenization of Ethereum's assets.

"Our plans have a lot of business, and we can not allow its ability to resist technology output," – he said.

Amongst the participants with Elevated Returns is the Tocqueville Group company and the start-up Securitize, which is a. deal with legal communication of the special assets placed on the blocks.

"We recognize the need for high levels of security and governance compliance. The integration of Tezos technology into the Securitize port will give us a full solution", – added De Baiec.

Remember that an upgrade builds $ 18 million in October 2018 when it was posted; First use of security pages (STO) on the Indoogogo crowdfunding platform. Each coin represents a share in the St Petersburg hotel investment fund. Regis Resort Aspen in Colorado.

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