"Dynamo with good behavior finished his visit"

The Kyiv Dynamo commander had a team game in the final of the Spanish gathering – on Friday, the team joined Malmo, and on Saturday, Vorelengo met.

– Alasdair Nikolayevich, what's the situation for a game yesterday with Malmo?

– Make sure we are in an active state, in an innovative way. The first half of the game was like a chess game, because both of us were Malmo and we, after losing lost, away after a line of balls, to protect against defense, and with the possession of his / her; a member who built site assaults. "

"The complainant quickly switched on the balloon line. They have an innovative scheme with three main players, and with the 5-4-1 scheme, they have nine players behind the line when However, it was hard for us to open up the zones. We tried to change the vect, an attack path, however, we did not have a good time. In the second half, we started to start. more aggressive cover both in the field's half, and in the middle zone, the appearance of space. Good months emerged, both after outbounds and in the center due to the rapid shift from defensive attack. It's a kind of gentleman's game, as both teams play in the Europa League on Thursday. Football, one that could saying, unrelated, mutually. "

– How do you evaluate the Alibekov game in the middle of protection?

– Ahmed held two conferences of this situation. He has placement errors, but when he has a member, he will Start to attack – in & # 39; This part of the game is feeling confident enough.

– Compared to games with Esterund and Malmo, today's day was more open, attacking. Was the installation different and the challenge for today's game?

– No, the situation for both teams was the same. The people try to do what we agree before the game. We also take care of technical minutes, as there were a few minutes to get out of the defense, after the side campaigns, when we did not find a player to complete those attacks. You need to understand the balance when you can quickly get the attack, and when you need to go to the attack.

– Are you dissatisfied with opponents at these training camps?

– First of all, I would like to thank Christian, who has been working for and arranging and organizing all of those fees for 22 years working with our team. All professionally, all partners were good enough.

– The result of the games at a training camp is obviously influential, but the decision is still in place; Many decisions to build confidence?

– Of course. These feelings are very different when the team wins, when he or she drags it; lost. I am already telling those who want Dynamo Kiev, even in friendly games, the same as a loss. Today's influence is enjoyable and in great joy we have completed a tour of our game. Now the competition starts.

– The crew came out of the catching room with thoughts, he heard beauty. Can you give what you say after their game?

– We thanked Christian, now he is leaving our team and his / her; moving to Bavaria and Borussia Dortmund, who is preparing for the European League, has been sent to her.

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