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15 million Ukrainians have already voted in the president's election

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15 million Ukrainians have already voted in the president's election

Today, 31 March 2019, the first wave of judicial elections in the Ukraine began. The polling stations opened at 8am and work until 8pm

19:29 One time before the accounts close officers from the 1768 National Police Police recorded allegations and reports of breaches selection process for president.

19:00 The specific issue of "Today" about the latest developments in the Ukrainian elections in Ukraine.

18:32 The number of applications and communications relating to the election process in Ukraine18:00 to 1612.

18: 27 Enterprise chief Justice Valentin Nalyvaychenko, the polling station, arrived in the afternoon. I spoke to supporters and journalists.

18:22"Today" collected details of who gave them the vote of Green politicianswho came to the accounts.

18:20 A “modern day” has been revised with information from social networks on how to conduct elections, which are reported by voters and strange cases.

18:07 The police left the word at 8:00 and 1360related to the selection process.

18:00 The Procurator Fiscal Yuriy Lutsenko would also use his vote in presidential elections. This was revealed by the secretary of the papers to General Solicitor Larisa Sargan, after publishing the corresponding picture.

17:57 By 16:30 on the day of the presidential election, 31 March, no reporting system was left in the UkraineNatalia Bernatskaya, Secretary to the Central Electoral Commission, reported.

17:21 Today, 102 polling stations are open. They are located in 72 countries in the world, except Russia, where polling stations were held. In total, up to 15 million Ukrainians are spread across the world's population, but only 527 miles of these are voters, 1.5% of those who can elect the Ukrainian president. selecting. t

The number of breakdowns in the elections has grown. Among the most popular breaks – t illegal unrest and bribery
, and the Kiev Oblast was among the leaders of the violators.

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16:23 State Department of the US State, Kurt Walker, t What will be the relationship between Kiev and Washington after the election?
. According to the diplomat, the United States does not support personal figures, they support the principles of democracy, a market economy, the rule of law, the struggle against corruption, security and the Ukraine's desire to t are part of the trans-Atlantic community.

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Meanwhile, a dozen strong young people appeared in traffic conventions under the Central Electoral Authority building, saying they were "living in nearby houses" and simply "out on a walk."

Twelve of the strongest men were seen under CEC / "Today".

One of them says they are "to avoid major disasters" and they will stand under the CEC "so that they may get bored."

Among 15:00, the voters came to 44.82%. The district commanders are Zaporizhia – 49.65%, Dnipropetrovsk (48.81%), Volyn – (48.58), Poltava (48.53), Chernihiv (48.58) and Rivne (47.87).

16:05 In the Kharkiv area there are fewer voting members than registered voters. It is promised that a decision will be made about the situation – the removal of townships in other areas.

As you vote in the Solomensky area of ​​Kiev. Area 222, polling station No 800938 (Zelenaya st., 12). Thinking with the picture, some 40-45% of voters have already been voted.

3:30 pm Away from the Crimea surveyors sent Ukrainians about participation in the presidential elections
. And in the range of cooperative working in the Donbass, there is a reduction in transport by around one and a half to two times compared to the previous week.

A big Ukrainian diaspora lives in the European Union – 1.5 million Ukrainians, and this is only an official, see how the diaspora votes in Belgium.

15:21 In the Kharkiv area A total of 15 people captured photocopiers
. A further 17 breaches were applied to a lack of citizens on the lists, five – with illegal behavior behavior.

15:19 There was a video like this pensioners are voting in the Kiev area
. Pensioners receive statements which are not on a passport, but a pension certificate.

2:45 pm In Zaporozhye, at one of the polling stations in the city's Khortitsky region, who came to vote in the presidential elections in Ukraine, t they spread the magazine

How do the votes and what valuations can be seen in the Donetsk area?

At one of the polling stations in Alexandria, district of Kirovograd, from 12 hours, 581 voters from 1,748 are already registered to vote. At the same time, people are always visiting, people are always coming, the Today writers.

Viewers keep an eye on how the voting rules are held, and members of the electoral commission explain the rules so that grandmothers can't spoil the vote accidentally.

Voting in Alexandria, Kirovograd District

14:27 In the town of Podolsk, Odessa division Member blocked from election commission: a woman had a drink

14:17 In the president's election in town Ternivka, division of Dnipropetrovsk table
. Voting has not yet come to an end, and all the population is recorded in the polling stations.

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2:00 pm On elections in Zhytomyr Sergey Sukhomlin and chairman of state administration Zhytomyr Igor Gundich t balloons close to the ballot box
. These actions, as repeated by the police, will be punished by a fine of 1,700 to 5,100 husbands or remedial work for up to two years, or a freedom restriction for up to three years.

See how he votes in one of the Zhytomyr districts.

13:55 Near Kiev, it was difficult to get problems. Brovary has long series
and, at the same time as Borodyanka the vote is still to go.

13:40 Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman voted in Vinnitsa
. The government chief came to the bill with his wife and told him who the candidate was to vote for.

Voting in one of the polling stations in the Svyatoshinsky area of ​​Kiev, equipped in the gymnasium room. Voting times for older and middle-aged people, with ballot boxes filled by 15 per cent.

The CIS leader Tatyana Slipachuk said magazine is useless
. She believes that the applicant has a better vote, the voter's acceptable point of dissent.

That is known to be open three criminal acts for the outcome of an adjudication
. It was the main illegal enterprise violations and photographic newsletters.

In Kiev electors will keep their photographs of voting members
. One of the violators said he was taking "magazine for memories" of the magazine.

12:54More than 20% of the armed forces swore
. For the men who fought for the US armies in the Donbas, polling stations were set up in the tents of military sites.

12:46 In the Ternopil area some sites are non-voting. And in the last 24 hours, regional police have received 14 reports relating to the selection process.

12:27 The government's head of government Peter Poroshenko voted in the vote for a president
. He and his wife Marina came to the polling station in the Armed Forces Officers' House in Ukraine in Kiev.

“I voted for the Ukraine. As my whole family, and I'm absolutely sure, most Ukrainians, ”he said of his choice.

The president voted “Popular Front” Arseniy Yatsenyuk in the election for a president. He remembered that only Ukraine will get someone of Ukraine: t

"This person will take enormous responsibility for the growth of the nation over the next five years," the politician put pressure on the matter.

12:10 In Gostomel near Kiev, the soldiers came to vote for systems
. Men from the military camp and the majority of retired people voted there.

12:08 In Chernivtsi they registered a magazine issue
. A freedom of information disclosure was convened by one of the selection commissions.

At the Ukraine presidential elections at 11:00 am 16.08% of voters put forward the ballot.

Earlier Klitschko came to vote on the bike, a woman was born at a polling placeand in Kiev, they examined the strength of his skin. first of all the vote in the Ukraine presidential elections in Australia startedwhere writers work "Today". All of this, including the addition to pictures, videos and interesting posts from social networks the final section of our line.

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