F2: Luka Giotto won the colors on Sunday Bahrain

Pilot UNI-Virtuosi Luca Giotto Sprint won the Sunday Formula 2 in Bahrain. Second and third place was built by DAMS pilots Sergio Sette Camara and Nicholas Latifi.

Mahavir Ragunathan's car stopped at the start, and he stayed on the grid side, but since he started on the race from the pheloton's tail, he was not stopped first. Mick Schumacher who succeeded in the barony situation was finally taken over by Jack Aitken, and then moved by Deletraz and de Vries. After three hours the connection between de Vries and Aitken was taken off, and the two of them lost their distance. In the second place came Kamara, who was killed by Giotto.

Already on the second lap, Kamara attacked Schumacher, but Mick managed to manage it. The third Kamara came on, however, and Schumacher came under the command of Latifi. Nicholas couldn't take him away immediately, but their effort took advantage of Giotto, ahead of both! Furthermore, after a half-circle he attacked Camera and caught the head. Later on, Luka immediately created a space and made a big attempt to win the race.

The situation is somewhat fixed, but the question is still finding out what level of race is on one set of rubber. Normally there is no stopping activity, but on Saturday rubber consumption was so large that several pilots planned to change tires. As he was in the 12th tour, he was also the director, Luca Giotto. After the pit stopped, he rolled back to the 16th place, but his speed was a few seconds higher than the commanders' head, never to mention the middle of the pluton, and he broke quickly to the top.

A number of other pilots followed Giotto's example, but the majority from the lower half of the bandage. 39 People who approach the group of directors prefer to go without risk and stop it, but their speed was falling more and more to the finish line. Strangely, Giotto broke one opponent in a row. For five laps on the finish line, it rises to the top three, for three who have joined the second place. When two laps lasted before the end, Giotto was easily hitting Camera and hitting back.

Despite the demise of many of the original circles, Schumacher was able to control the tire well, and at the end of the air he even attempted to attack Deletraz though he was not successful. Better to work with the maintenance of Rubber Yu Zhou's rubber from UNI-Virtuosi, in the last few days it was possible to pass Schumacher and Deletraz.

The results are prepared …

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