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free of charge of the tax charge – Machine review

Tesla continues to & # 39; Try to make prices for Module 3 electro-sedan. In October, its company started to; accept orders for the Mid Range draft with a 418 km reserve and a basic price of $ 45,000. Only a week later his car was up to 46 miles. By the beginning of 2019 and the significant reduction in federal subsidies from $ 7,500 to $ 3,750, its company was down to & # 39; price to 44,000. And now its price has been reduced again – now at $ 1,100. The basic "troika" now costs $ 42,900.

It is uncertain that the first thing that is marked as a # 39; first price in the order section of an electric vehicle on a company website: now it equals 34,850 dollars. Let me alone, but ask her; company $ 33,200 about all the benefits and accounts, is it now that the car should cost $ 2,100 less? It is not so simple.

Previously, it's a & # 39; company known as its lowest price, & # 39; including compensation from the federal budget ($ 7,500) and the California state ($ 2,500). And Ilon Musk added the Twitter, which included the economy on fuel, that the real price would be reduced to around 31,000! That is, according to Flag, these savings were equal to two thousand dollars. Now, the company is officially paying $ 3,750 government subsidies and … $ 4,300 fuel prices!

But we will let these innovative accounts on Tesla's conscience. Compared to October, the Tesla Model 3 price really fell from 45 to 42.9 thousand dollars. However, "back," its company stopped its & # 39; user support program on 1 February. In its latest version, customers were charged free of charge at Supercharger stations and other bonuses per year: for example, participation in corporate events or even sending personalized images to a place. Now the company has decided that the program is too expensive, and instead it is better to cut prices a bit more.

However, the Europeans are not yet offered but "treshki" in the Long Range draft with a 560 km reserve. Their prices are considerably higher than US $ 41,850, and are largely dependent on subsidies from local authorities. For example, the most accessible Tesla Model 3 in Norway: today from 46,900 euros. For French buyers, the car will cost at least 53,500 euros, and the cheapest electricity car in Portugal will cost: 60,200 euros. Ilon Musk describes the high European prices with VAT 20% and 10% practice level, but simple calculations are & # 39; show that Ilon did not account for the additional costs.

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