GAC shows Trumpchi GM6 Minivan

GAC shows Trumpchi GM6 MinivanThe length of the minivan is 4 meters 78 centimeters.

This abridged car can be considered by the brother; the GAC Trumpchi GM8 youth.

With this parameter, its & # 39; car shorter than GM8 with about 30 centimeters. Also, his car has been his brother.

The current version of GM6 is designed for 7 seats. The second row consists of 2 convertible chairs. The last row of passengers is designed as sophisticated, which can accommodate 3 people.

The stock was originally designed for 324 liters. However, if you remove the back row, the amount will increase to 1,100 liters.

Within a car there is an online schedule and a multimedia system display. There are also LED optics, prominent roof, engine start button, camera.

A mini-engine and semi-liter with a capacity of 171 empowers. Transfer is provided in the format of booklet or "automated" in 6 posts.

The Trumpchi GM6 market will start in the PRC in the coming months. Prices cost around 16,500 – 24,000 dollars.
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