His body can not be found during the disaster on the plane to pull a Salt out of the water.

Planes are only available by successfully identifying the organization.

Accident Investigation Unit (AAIB) reporting difficulties in trying to & # 39; remove his body from the plane that carried out Emiliano Sal's competitive domestic product and David Ibbotson 's pilot.

"We're trying to reach our body, but tidal powers mean we can work for a short time. If we succeed in & # 39 ; highlighting our group, we will consider the construction of rubble to the surface, "said the statement.

Recalling, Emiliano Sala moved on a private plane from Nantes to Cardiff. The plane disappeared from the radar two hours before reaching the scheduled tour. The results of any checks did not yield results, but after graduating the family and friends of the football player acted privately. Within a few days later, at the base of Sianail, the shipwreck was found and one of the bodies.

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