Hubble telescope put new pictures of ice giants – Ukraine Ukraine, Society

Thanks to Hubble Spread Telescope, radiators got new images of the Uranus and Neptune ice giants. On Uranus, the polar horses from the clouds have become more beautiful, and on Neptune there is a dark storm. Reports about it the site telescope

At the northern pole of Uranus there is a large area of ​​white pole, known as a "polar cap", which can be a long-standing storm and seems to be the result of seasonal changes in the atmosphere of the atmosphere.

The picture of Neptune is shown in dark dark darkness, which appeared in the southern hemisphere of the planet. This is an anticyclone quartz that Hubble has a & # 39; see.

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Earlier today it was reported that there were tumors awareness of his bodywho is going around her & # 39; sun and which goes through the nearest planets to the star – Mercury and Venus.

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