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Icardi does not allow Maxi Lopez to see his children.

Vasanda Da Gama football player, Wanda Nara, Maxi Lopez, commented on the tough relationship between himself and his former wife and his current partner Mauro Icardi.

"I have always been trying to help me because of my children. I always want to be convicted when they grow up . So I prefer to be quiet about many points. I can respond, but I do not just do it to protect children.

Now I'm not right to see children, sometimes Nara and Ikardi are not allowed to talk to them on her; phone. The last time I saw in December. We also saw several hours in January, when I received a separate license.

We have a tough relationship with Wanda, they do not have anything. For years, we were only talking through lawyers. Le Mauro, the same situation, sometimes worse. That's why I'm not connected to it. His behavior is always the same. Tell me he could understand certain things as soon as he was a dad, but this did not happen. For example, yesterday my birthday was my son, and Wanda and Mauro invaded me by phone. What kind of relationships can I have with such people? ", – Debate about Lopez Sport on Radio The 990.

On Wanda Nara afternoon, shot with Mauro Ikardi's picture, causing divorce divorces.

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