In Kiev, KHAYAT Eurovision National Elections partner was awarded a big deal – a & # 39; first information

In Kiev subway, a National Election member was badly hit

Singer KHAYAT. Picture:

It was unidentified that influenced the person who took part in the national election for his / her. song talks "Eurovision-2019" KHAYAT. The event took place in the Kiev subway. Information on KP Ukraine's statement.

The singer published a picture with hematomas on the face of Instagram. "Robots, I love you," he named the picture.

According to reports, the artist, after the interview, was driving an acutstic concert with his friend. In the subway car there were a number of people who had a lot of people. talk to them.

"One says:" Are you from the TV? "Due to the recent reserved locations", – said the playwright.

According to KHAYAT, none of the passengers tried to help them, despite the fact that men were in the dress of their National Guard in the car.

"When I came to the station worker and asked me:" Where are the police? ", They answered me:" At their office. "I say:" What is the hell doing? sit there? "If something happens, everyone will not be in care," he said.

It is noted that the singer has a good feeling, his friend suffered much more. According to the artist, his companion broke his opponent.

KHAYAT also said he did not report the police, because he did not expect any response from law enforcement officers and does not want to participate in scrutiny activities.

As reported by NEWSONE earlier, A representative from Ukraine will speak in his / her; Eurovision 2019's first semi-finalsOur Post Office, chosen on 23 February, will be the second half platform of the exhibition.

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