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In the Donbass the number of fleeces went up quickly

In the Donbass the number of fleeces went up quickly

Banners used banned weapons five times.

For Monday, the 18-inch attack led to a total of five attacks – from the weapons banned by Minsk. They are injured.

During the course of the day the skiers opened in Donbass 18 hours when the forces were together. Three Ukrainian soldiers were injured. This was held on Tuesday, 2 April, and a report was given to the media center at the Shared Groups Initiative.

“On April 1, the enemy broke the chill 18 times, using their armies banned from Minsk's contracts five times … Three of our defenders were wounded as a result of the shearing,” said the message. .

An army report that the armed men (in the field of class work, party, East) at the Uig army burned five times.

“Twice – from small arms – close to the town of Peski; from the insertion of antitank grenade – close to the town of Avdiivka; from heavyweight antitank grenade and cannon guns near Novotroitskoye;

The following areas were also cut: Croom, Novoluganskoye, Zolotoe – 4, Zaytsevo, Novotoshkovskoye and the Vilny farm.

“From the beginning of today, the enemy burned our defenders within the city settlement of Verkhnetoretsky with mortars of 120 caliber and 82 mm, in the sphere of the Vietok delegation, which is active in the body. , ”summarized the Parliament's headquarters.

According to the Time's information, two opponents were killed and six were wounded. Also fire damage NVF fighting vehicle.

As reported, earlier days, only one shelling was recorded in the Donbass.

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