IPhone X will be back on sale due to X / News / Finance.ua failure

Apple will reinstall the product of an iPhone X for sale in some categories.

About this, write The Wall Street Journal.

This decision was made due to poor selling of iPhone Xs and Xr.

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It is noted that Apple is selling through "old" iPhone X partners only in a number of sectors, where the fall in the sale of new devices is particularly strong. The same thing happened with the iPhone 6, which was returned to their market after finishing their official representation. For the same reason, its company is expecting to reduce prices for Xr in Japan by going to # 39; offers advanced contracts for telecom operators.

Nowadays Apple's iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is the best mobile phone in this country. However, the release does not indicate the value of the new iPhone price.

Following the launch of the new autumn smartphones, Apple removed from the official website information about iPhone X, SE and 6s. This means that it can be stopped at & # 39; doing and selling smartphones, and sent a & # 39; Company stopped selling items for these modules. So, at this time, you can only buy an iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr, 8 and 7.

In addition, at the end of October, Apple, without explaining, set up prices for its own computers and recordings in Russia with 8-20 thousand rubles.

Then, according to the quarterly report, Tim Cook gave a weak Russian market in terms of financial performance for his / her. company. Serious performance in Russia, India, Brazil and Turkey found the company's financial results, although converted into registration, they did not reach the level of prejudices of the majority of analysts.

"Apple sees some weak macroeconomic in some emerging markets," the Ceannard decided.

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