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Jennifer Lopez got naked and she showed a seductive figure: hot paintings. Politeka

Jennifer Lopez, the acclaimed actress and Gaelic singer, works hard on the new film Hustlers, in which she plays star

Recently, Jay Lo were proud to be supporting again by setting a luxurious picture on his account on Instagram. The actor is on display in a pink pink swimsuit, crashed in cairn and in different jewels. Her face and grand glasses have a bright appearance. The artist's hair is placed in a beautiful slender.

“Ramona is all on fire,” said the star.

Jennifer surprised him, not just with the fabric of a picture, but also with her physical condition. News cubes tear out on a colored belly. Suitable muscles are also suitable for training.

It is rare for J. Law to appear as his figure appears in his swim suit on his blog pages.

This time, she will surprise the viewers not only in physical shape, but with a new job. To play a player, Lopez had to limit food himself, as well as taking dancing lessons on the pylon.

“It is very difficult, I have shoes across my body. I began to admire the strippers, because their procession is real athletics, ”said the actor. The Hustlers film will be released in 2020.

Jennifer Lopez

Recently recall that the actor Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez was attached to the scandal.

The British model and Playboy magazine Zoe Gregory said a former footballer Alex Rodriguez had given her a photo of his ancestors the night before she was engaged with Jennifer Lopez, who discovered the paparazzi and only on March 10.

Zoya Gregory, beautiful luxuriant forms, told one of Rodriguez's American publications with the most unusual messages, pictures and videos of great nature, and made three of us keep sex.

As a proof, the module has advanced the message in WhatsApp messages. The letters lasted for two months and ended at the end of January.

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