Thursday , April 9 2020
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"jewelery" is only covered with a PHOTO portfolio

Studio portrait "Kvartal 95" Elena Kravets urged supporters to celebrate by taking hot photographs as part of a charity event.

Spicy slippers on an official account Instagram of the studio "Quarter 95", who knows Know.

A large army of supporters watch carefully the Elena Kravets creative manner in Kvartal 95 studio actors, such as “Evening Quarter” and “Women's Quarter”. The photograph is likely to have been taken in recent years. The actor decided to take action with Marina Lirnik. Women conducted an honest photoshoot to help the orphan children.

“… We will help graduates in residential schools and orphans to go to an independent life without fear, overcoming the mind and mind. In this regard, teaching will be organized in a scientific way that enables the individual to improve his or her ability, improve learning ability and … t Elena Knavets

In the picture, the star is completely removed, and covers the whole of the charms with a large suitcase.

"The project is supported by the David Lynch Trust and personally Olga Dyakova, Chief Executive of the David Lynch Trust in Eastern Europe." – Elena sent him.

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