Katya was not just killed. She was pained for 96 days, brutally, every second / GORDON

Kherson's activist, Yekaterina Gandzyuk, a terrible pain and a long fever for three months, said her father, Viktor Gandzyuk. He also published pictures of the effects of chemical burns on her body.

Published by Kherson's father, Ekaterina Gandzyuk Viktor Gandzyuk, who has died (there are pictures that may be disturbing his / her mail) on Facebook's photos of his daughter with the effects of chemical burning.

He also wrote that the designs were designed specifically for the General Treasury, Yuriy Lutsenko, president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, and "his competitors in the elections".

"I want these pictures to be seen behind the bars, and those who are accused of warm houses next to their young women, old people, streets that are included. The organizers and customers who are now calling abroad overseas and in high offices. I also want to be seen by those who focused on the research, and those who do it -diugh. Although I do not see a difference between all my people, "said the dad's father.

He remembered that Gandzyuk had 96 days in the intensive care unit.

"Seven months from the date of the attack Three months after the death date. There are a number of jobs, articles, TV shows. On the pictures and on the television screens Katya is young, beautiful, happy, happy, dreaming. "- added Victor Gandzyuk.

For three months, he said, "she has been very painful and long suffering."

"Three months – lying on your back on a tight grid, pillows and blankets. Only the roof in front of your eyes. Sleep nights. Hands and legs would be set. And in the eyes – hope and desire to live, "wrote Post-

July 31, 2018 Gandzyuk is converted with sulfuric acid in Kherson. November 4, she died in Kiev hospital.

In August, the complaint was arrested organizer of the Sergey Torbin attack, Vladimir Vasyanovich, Vyacheslav Vishnevsky, Viktor Gorbunov and Nikita Grabchuk, who, according to auditors, put the agent in acidSouth-West They participate in an opposition in the eastern part of Ukraine as part of volunteer collections.

Vasyanovich, Vishnevsky and Gorbunov later released under shelter home.

In November Assistant Assistant arrested by Nikolai Palamarchuk Blok Poroshenko, Igor PavlovskyPost-suspicion is suspected of moving money to Torbin.

In December Advocate Yuri Lutsenko is called the chief of crime Alexey Levin, the lead person in charge. According to the GPU's head, a businessman left imprisoned for being involved in taxi drivers and taxi drivers in Kherson, in the country on the day the police did. , first arresters in Gandzyuk case.

The father of the deceased, Viktor Gandzyuk, said on January 28 that the organizer was expressed on his daughter Levin collaborated with head of regional advice Kherson Vladislav Munger ("Fatherland"), as well as Kherson Divisional State Administrative Commander, Andrey Gordeev, and his position, Yevgeny Rischuk (both Blok Petro Poroshenko).

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