Lesya Nikityuk looked for the first time of the whole family (picture)

The host shows "Eagle and Reshka" Lesya Nikityuk gave her fans to her parents, her brother and daughters.

The well-known television producer of Lesbia Nikityuk is a leading social life guide. There are over 2.6 million subscribers in the star Instagram and this figure is growing every day. So, recently, the girl created a page for her mother, Ekaterina Petrovna, and now he has decided to show other audiences.

There appeared to be less scarce family scenes but Nikityuk appeared a few days ago. In the picture, his family is a well-known brother, who is a girl's haggis. Relationship is very similar to his star sister.

Brother Lesya Nicityuk and her daughters

Also on the web is often a Nikityuk picture with his parents.

Father Lesia NikityukLesya Nikityuk with his father Ivan Ivanovich

Lesya Nikityuk and her mother

Musicians who were head of "Eagle and Reshki" are happy to watch their family and comment on their pictures:

"A few parents at Lesyuni", "Lesya, you have a clumsy mother", "Lesichka, you're like two falls", "How amazing it is when you pick up appropriate children. Lesya, you're proud for your parents. "

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