Liverpool stolen influence from Tottenham at the end of game –

A visit by Toby Alderweyreld helped by helping Mercy Sides (2: 1).

liverpool getting tottenham, images of flavors

liverpool getting tottenham, images of flavors
Tuesday 31, 2019 20:24

In the middle game at the 32nd tour of the Premier League, the person representing the competition, Liverpool, he took the London Tottenham, which allowed Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea to side, to go out. The main coach of the hotel was the strongest of Jürgen Klopp, and so he had no chiefship with the interpretation of the eleven o'clock, but his master Mauricio Pochettino was defeated. to do several services, so his choice was limited, but one of his decisions was certainly – an Argentine specialist left in the Reserve one of the leaders of the Mac Heung Ming team.

The teams started to recite the band in a limited way, taking turns taking the ball, but did not threaten each other, entertained audiences except Alisson, having been pleased to drop out several times, but happily the enemy did not make use of it. The first dangerous attempt in the game was summoned – in the 16th minute Robertson knocked the ball straight on to Firmino's head, but Roberto never went away – 1: 0. t and the morale of the human group came and began to focus more on the role of another's punishment.

The Klopp wing seemed to put the guests on board and they took advantage of the owl, but the ball didn't go through the gate, unless Alasdair-Arnold put a "dried leaves". Close by, but the Londoners were lucky to have hit the post. In one of the events, Manet was close to a goal, giving a stroke to the long corner, but the Senegalese view was not enough. In terms of Tottenham, the first half had completed the win, but it was not possible to include at least one dangerous day, the protection of the fans in the first half of the meeting was elevated and the teams were relaxed with little Liverpool benefit.

Immediately after the resumption of the game, the “spor” took ownership of the game and land game, taking over half of the field, but for a long time they were unable to create at least one dangerous time. but then it was close to a goal – Eriksen was the first to finish Eisson. he struck the ball on the run after kane struck, and burned it through his aim, but Robertson fled under the ball and saved his team, moving to the corner. Tottenham did not impress his weight on the gates of others, it was likely he was about to put a face out and balance the score, but at some point Liverpool team took the game out. and half of the field were moved.

At the beginning of half of the second half, the guests put in a game of four defenders online and scored right away – in the 70th minute Eriksen responded to the Trippier room and struck a horrific shot, but the he was only on the hand of Marara, who sent the gang and sent it to gates – 1: 1. After a goal visit, the Klopp teams returned home themselves to go through with the big forces, and to advance they could come back on after Alasdair-Arnold's blow-hit, but Lloris played confidently, pulling the ball out of the cross.

Shortly after that, Firmino could go out double enough after van Dyck's escape, but Brazil could not respond to the ball and take it to Lloris. Towards the end of the visit, Londoners carried out the campaign again and they were very close to their second goal when Sissoko and Son Heung Min 1 went in 1 against van Dyck, but the French was greedy and he set the target there, without a target. In considering the picture of the game, it was hoped that the teams would be marked out by the winners, so that Tottenham will be, but it is in the face of it, in the 90th day the guests went on the victory. – Lloris appeared Salah's head after Alexander-Arnold's filming. Alderveyrelda, where the Member has exceeded the target – 2: 1.

In time time, the wards at Pochettino had tried their best to save at least a draw, but they were not bothered by Alisson. As a result, Liverpool won a heavy victory in the intermediate match, the first leg of the team being upgraded, and the winners of the fifth match came to a close in the process. on Chelsea, in sixth place, with just one point.

Liverpool – Tottenham 2: 1
Objectives: Firmino, 16, Alderveyreld, 90 (in own gates) – Moura, 70

Liverpool: Alisson – Alistair Arnold, Matip, van Dyck, Robertson – Milner (Fabinho, 77), Henderson (Origi, 77), Veynaldum – Salah (Lovren, 90 + 3), Firmino, Manet

Tottenham: (Lorente, 90 + 1), Sissoko, Ally, Rose, Kane, Moura (Davis, 82)

Warning: Moura

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