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Location: Everybody is in a knoll, even JPMorgan

According to the largest Bitcoin exchange Banceance Changpen Zhao, with cryptocurrency companies, they can do it without banks.

A few days ago, speaker JPMorgan Chase Ron Karpovich announced that cryptocurrency companies had to use bank services. Karpovich said that people taking part in a marketplace should be a digital resource in looking at financial institutions as partners, and not competitors.

Zhao challenged a representative of a large financial investment. He noted that many companies, and not so small, are doing very well without banks: t

“JPM has not yet understood this. This is also why it's not a XRP threat. Everyone will be in the grave. JPM will finally use it. ”

Twitter User Ask ThisPass for Zhao if it supports the recent project of six major banks who intend to export IBM Wire's high-profile results. In this account, Binance's leader replied that the adoption of cryptocurrencies is good and that he welcomes any participant in this market.

“It is better to be used than to fight them.” T– Zhao fortified.

A recent recall that Binance Bitcoin made 1,300 news stories across Australia.

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