Mass actions in Kiev – made decisions with police

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Young people tried to destroy the police front door and fought with law enforcement enforcement officers

In Kiev, there was a huge conflict of campaigners with the police: twelve carers


Young people tried to destroy the police front door and fought with law enforcement enforcement officers

Several major actions were carried out on the Kontraktovaya Square in the capital, and during these law enforcement officers a group of young people with greens, gas carts and knives were found with them. The event took place on Saturday, 9 February, reporting the National Police of Kiev.

"Event on Kontraktovaya Ploschad happened: a systematic group of young people had been covered with a covered face. To prevent any problem, after talking to the police about the conversation, a decision was made to the police division. , gas cartridges and pistols, "- reading the message.

After the release of the caretaker, another group of young people supported them, which began to steal gas emissions at the police, which were also preserved by law enforcement officers.

"Unidentified people tried to destroy the entrance doors (police departments – Ed.), Gas appliances used and battling with the police. As a result, All active partners are held, and this is about 40 people. the police said.

Inquiries into three criminal cases began: under Part 2 of Art. 345 (threat or violence against law enforcement officer), Part 1 of Art. 341 (screening of public buildings) and part 4 of art. 296 (hooliganism) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Now the question of certification of their work.

Earlier in Odessa, a circus function to convert animals protection into action between agents and policeThe cops were taken to the administrative responsibility of the four rally partners, and the excursion, which despite the objections, continues to continue. participating in tailed artists and acting.

In addition, in the middle of the Dnieper, on the afternoon of December 7, there was a big decision between the executives and security guardians of the administrative building on the Starokosatskoy street. In the course, gas was pushed and smoking bombs.

Also, recently let us know In the Dnieper there was a big brawl – frontier staff and police stallsThe West In the course, gas was demolished and Zelenka.

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